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"A deeply empathetic and profoundly moving film. A film not to be missed by young dancers in this passionate art, and also their parents and friends."
Stuart Hodes, President, National Association of Schools of Dance (ret.)

"This DVD is a must before you come to NYC and a must if you are here."
Marian Horosko, Dancer Magazine

"An indispensable resource for dancers from all over the world who aspire to learn from the venerable NYC masters."
Akiko Bo Nishijima, Faculty, Hot Summer in Kyoto Dance Festival, Japan

"[Director] Yana Schnitzler lets each studio to speak for itself, giving the viewer the option to choose from a wealth of perspectives."
Ballettanz (German dance magazine)

"This DVD is fantastic! The dialogues, the way they are cut, how they flow into each other - just perfect! And the dancing, the exercises - it makes me want to dance with it in front of my TV again and again!"
Regula Wyser, dancer and choreographer, Switzerland

"... A really beautifully shot and edited film ... made with a lot of love which can really be felt from moment to moment..."
Spencer Chandler, Artistic Director, Cannery Works

"Wonderful ... I am still thinking of some of the dancers and their words..."
Ophra Yerushalmi, musician and filmmaker